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In America the American Montessori Society was formed by Alexander Graham Bell who served as President. The Honorary Secretary was Margaret Wilson who was the daughter to President Wilson. Dr. Montessori was also the house guest of Thomas Edison. So it is easily said that Dr. Montessori was well respected by people of many different cultures. While in America Dr. Montessori gave a lecture at Carnegie Hall. Five thousand people were lucky enough to get inside to hear her, while hundreds of others were turned away. The streets were filled with crowds holding banners to welcome this great lady. During her visit to San Francisco the World Exhibition was taking place. Dr. Montessori had an ingenious idea to have a working Montessori class room at the exhibition surrounded by glass walls for people to see a class in action. Hundreds of people at a time could observe. Only two gold metals were given at the Exibition and “the children” received both of them.

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