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In 1909 Dr. Montessori set out to write a book on her method. The book titled “The Method of Scientific Pedagogy as Applied to Infant Education and the Children’s House” was written in less than one month. The book brought immediate attention from around the world.

Word of the wonderful results of the school started to surface. People were coming from around the world to see for themselves this wonder. Subsequently another Children’s House was opened in a tenement building. In 1918 a teacher was sent from London to observe the school. She was so impressed, she went back to London and set up her own class to see the same miracles happen.

In order to comply with the many requests to come and lecture on her method around the world, Dr. Montessori gave up her work at the Children’s House. She resigned her University lectureships and had her named removed from the practicing physicians list. She supported herself by training teachers and by royalties from her books.

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