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The first Montessori school in Russia was in the Imperial Gardens at St. Petersburg, which was for the children of the imperial family and court. Montessori schools started to open around the world in Japan, China, Canada, Germany and many, many more. Dr. Montessori made an impression where ever she went and continued to receive many invitations to lecture and teach training courses.

As Dr. Montessori aged, she didn’t slow down. In actuality she was as active as ever. She was extremely busy giving lectures and teaching training courses around the world. While in India in 1939, World War II began. Dr. Montessori was allowed to stay in India even though she was considered an enemy because she was Italian. This is a true measure of the importance and respect Dr. Montessori received and deserved world wide. For the next several years she traveled about lecturing and teaching. In 1947 she returned to Italy to reestablish the Opera Montessori. The first training course in Pakistan was in 1949. Also in 1949, while addressing at UNESCO she received a standing ovation. The country of France bestowed a great honor upon her. They decorated her with the medal of the Legion d’Honneur. She continued to be on the move for even at seventy-nine years old she was still in great demand. She was again honored by the people of Perugia by becoming an “honorary citizen”. She was also made an “honorary citizen” in her birth town of Ancona and in Milan. During the time she was in Holland in 1950 she was again honored by Queen Wilhelmina who gave Dr. Montessori the rank of Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau. She also received an honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam.

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