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There are very few preschool or kindergarten classrooms today that do not attempt to incorporate at least a few of the many ideas and techniques of the Montessori Method originally developed by Dr. Montessori herself. You are probably already familiar with some of these Montessori Method concepts that are core to our preschool and kindergarten approach here at Sweetwater Montessori School:

  • Every child has a right to develop his or her own fullest potential – Sweetwater Montessori School's preschool and kindergarten exist to implement that right;
  • Preschool children learn through play;
  • Our large inventory of Montessori preschool and kindergarten age-appropriate educational “toys” and puzzles are especially designed to stimulate early reading and writing and basic math skills;
  • Programmed, self correcting teaching materials enable the preschool child's independence and confidence;
  • Child-scaled furniture is found throughout our preschool and kindergarten environment;
  • The open classroom layout is inviting and permits freedom of movement for active preschool children and easy observation for adults;
  • Children are grouped by interest and ability rather than age – preschool and kindergarten children freely co-mingle for much of the day;
  • Materials and their appropriate progression of use are graded without arbitrarily grading the children;
  • Individually paced instruction allows the preschool or kindergarten child to proceed at his or her own rate;
  • Sweetwater Montessori School understands and embraces the idea that a preschool child is different than, not just a smaller edition of the adult;
  • Infants learn from birth on; age six is late to start thinking of the child’s education, and three is not too early to begin preschool academic education of the right kind;
  • The environment in which learning is to take place is important; Sweetwater Montessori School's preschool and kindergarten environment is carefully planned and arranged with this in mind;
  • Early stimulation is significant for later learning; Sweetwater Montessori School provides your preschool child with a rich learning environment for a great start;
  • Preschool children take a natural pleasure in learning to master their environment and that this mastery, beginning with the manipulation of objects, is the basis of the sense of competence necessary for independence;
  • Real learning involves the ability to do things for one’s self, not the passive reception of a body of knowledge;
  • The Montessori learning materials at Sweetwater Montessori School are intrinsically interesting and self-correcting; they train the preschool child's senses in the perception of – and therefore in the ability to deal with – reality;
  • Given interesting work to do, even preschool children establish their own order and quiet, whereas imposing immobility and silence hampers learning;
  • Children progress through “sensitive periods” – phases of development appropriate to learning of specific motor and cognitive skills such as “reading readiness”;
  • School is a part of the community and involves the parents if education is to be effective.


 Adapted from: Maria Montessori – A Biography by Rita Kramer, pp. 373-374

For further insight into the Montessori Method and how Sweetwater Montessori School is different from other preschool or child care options, call us at (252) 649-5746 or send us an email to set up an appointment to discuss or to observe our school. You may also be interested in Dr. Montessori's own words. Please click the link below to go to our page of quotations.

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