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Mariann Seaman, the Director and Head Teacher of Sweetwater Montessori School in New Bern, North Carolina has been involved in Montessori preschool, kindergarten and early elementary education for over 20 years.

Mariann’s interest in the Montessori Method began while she was pregnant with her twin sons, discovering the Method while researching various potential education alternatives for them. She practiced Montessori in the home with her sons from a very young age and in August of 1991, when her sons were four years old, she enrolled them in the preschool program at the Montessori Center of Jackson, in Tennessee.

Mariann began at the Montessori Center of Jackson as a preschool volunteer mom, assisting in the learning environment there three days a week (or more). After five months Mariann became a preschool teacher assistant at the Montessori Center, serving her internship under Teri Canaday. In 1996 Mariann Seaman graduated from the Memphis Montessori Institute and received her American Montessori Society Early Childhood Credential for preschool and kindergarten, ages 3-6.

Mariann Seaman served as a Head Teacher, Preschool and Kindergarten, at the Montessori Center of Jackson for nine more years until her move to New Bern, North Carolina in June of 2005. She also served as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Montessori Center of Jackson during the latter part of her stay there.

In January 2008 Mariann volunteered at River City Montessori Preschool in New Bern, North Carolina in various advisory capacities. There she served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors. Mariann Seaman started the enrichment class for early elementary home schoolers in September 2008, developing and running that program until May 2011 when she resigned to found the Sweetwater Montessori School in New Bern.

Mariann loves being with the children and watching as they grow and flourish in the Montessori environment. She also enjoys meeting and working with so many families who embrace the Montessori philosophy.

Mariann Seaman is author of the book, The Best Pre-school for My Child: How to Define and Choose a Quality Pre-school Option and is a certified Montessori teacher through the American Montessori Society (AMS), of which she is a member.

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